As your children grow, they develop the ability to choose and be firm with their decisions. Sleeping for kids is the last thing they want to do. This leaves parents having a hard time in putting their children to bed on time. Parents want their children to have a full mind and body development which can be achieved through sleeping. But children do not know that. They are all about the fun, excitement and the adventure. They cannot be switched off if they are in the middle of the happiest moment of their life. Children by nature seek playmates or something to get themselves busy, provided of course that it matches their interests.

A child may come as a sleeper or non-sleeper. You are lucky if your child loves sleeping early at night and will obey your sleeping rules. But if you have a non-sleeper, better get yourself ready for a long night after a long day. Kids will never run out of excuses if they do not want to get to bed yet. This will make it hard for parents and guardian to deal with them. They may come go to you looking for food, an additional reading time, and a company to lie in bed with.


Speedy Dreamers gives you the solution you have all been waiting for. Get your child a race car bed which will enable to them to go to the bedroom right on schedule and sleep with their realistic fast cars. Go get your child racing while sleeping with Speedy Dreamers racing fast cars. Different styles and designs are available in either wood or plastic, whichever you prefer. Their car designs are all made in detail and are very durable. They can be with your child’s growing years from toddlers to teenager. In addition, car will not be called one without wheels. Car beds from Speedy Dreamers are all with protruding wheels. They also took the liberty to innovate their products by putting additional features on selected items. Other car bed models have functional head lights which will add excitement on your car beds. End the discussions of going to bed early with your kids now. Speedy Dreamers racing car beds leave your child looking forward for bedtime.

Speedy Dreamers is the number one online retailer of car beds. They offer you a free delivery in UK mainland on all car models. All their displays are ready for delivery and always on stock. Car models are all over the site and feel free to see their appealing offers in the next page. Contact and visit them for browsing car beds and purchases at They do not offer face to face transactions because they are online-based company. However, they are more than willing to entertain all your questions and clarifications at their admin office in which the details are all provided on their website. What are you waiting for? Get one now before they will be sold out. Getting on time for bed is made more exciting with Speedy Dreamers.

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